Aerial Lift Certification Seattle

Aerial Lift Certification Seattle

Aerial Lift Certification Seattle - Aerial Lift Certification is for people who requires an in-depth understanding of aerial lift safety. Operators and inspectors, construction craftsmen, supervisors and maintenance workers must perform a training and certificate program. Federal, provincial and state regulations require companies to be certified in order to carry out in-house aerial lift checks.

Regardless of differences in the kind of work being carried out, all workers who work at elevated levels normally make use of the same means to access the needed height. Aerial lifts and scissor lifts are the mechanized devices utilized to lift employees and equipment to elevated worksites.

Cherry pickers or bucket trucks are boom-supported aerial platforms. The primary hazards connected to boom-operated platforms are falls, electrocutions, and tip overs. Certification ensures that workers who make use of aerial lifts are trained correctly to be able to safely operate the machine. Training likewise makes certain that workers know how to maintain aerial work platforms in accordance with the directions of the manufacturer.

Training comprises the following lifts: Vehicle-mounted aerial lifts, Boom-supported aerial lifts and scissors lifts. Trainees will gain an understanding of the results and causes of aerial lift accidents, and will learn safe operating procedures. They will be technically competent in the various kinds of aerial lifts, in addition to terms and components. From selecting the right aerial lift for the task to interpreting rated capacity charts, the certification program will provide workers with all that they should know in order to safely do their work.

Inspectors and supervisors who have the responsibility to inspect aerial lift machines must know how to inspect gears, booms, operating mechanisms, structural components, control systems and functions, braking systems, power plants, attachments, pins and shafts, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic components, emergency safety devices and operator aids, et cetera. Training would include the following: the inspector's role in reducing liability exposure and accidents; how to perform a pre-use, monthly and annual inspection; how to interpret and apply rules regarding aerial lift safety standards; how to write inspection reports; checklists and techniques; inspection procedures; complying with record keeping requirements; understanding and applying the three levels of aerial lift inspection; and when to remove aerial lifts from service when they are defective.

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With such a great variety of possibilities for certification, you are sure to find one that meets your requirements. Whether you are looking for somebody to come instruct at your workplace or would prefer to train at our facility, we can accommodate all your needs. Every course can be tailored to your equipment and workplace.

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