Crane Operator Certification Seattle

Crane Operator Certification Seattle

Crane Operator Certification Seattle - Crane Operator Certification is a process that allows you to earn a certificate to operate certain types of cranes. Certification involves classroom learning, hands-on practice and an aptitude evaluation. Several training programs are offered for mobile cranes, overhead cranes, tower cranes, forklifts, boom trucks and several hoisting machinery. Trainees will learn the basics of equipment characteristics, safety, and operational practices associated with these types of cranes.

Customized Practical Evaluation and Training:
Companies could request customized practical training and evaluation on-site at the work facility after the in-class session. Two operators will be trained at a time by one instructor. The duration of time required for training will differ depending on the employer's levels of ability and equipment type, but usually requires an hour or two. The training will center on practical skills like for instance safe operating practices, planning the lift and right rigging practices. Employers need to pre-schedule the on-site session.

Following in-class instruction, practical operating instruction and assessment, and written test, the trainee will receive an individual wallet certificate and the company would be given a wall certificate. In order to to get certification, trainees have to have an 80% passing score on both written and practical exams.

The program includes: Guidebooks, policies and regulations; safety concerns; hazards of high voltage; emergency rescue procedures; communications and signals; components, terms and types; pre-operational check; crane capacity and configuration; pre-lift set-up and planning; hammerhead / luffing jib crane operations; wire rope and rigging; climbing cranes; fall protection; First aid & CPR; WHMIS and crane maintenance.

The minimum prerequisites for becoming an overhead crane operator consist of possessing the physical and mental capability considered necessary to be able to do crane work. Necessary capabilities include normal field of vision, depth perception, manual dexterity, reaction time and coordination. Potential operators must not have the tendency to become dizzy. Operators who do not already have evidence of qualifications and experience must obtain certification. Operators have to be qualified to operate the particular type of machine that they would be making use of to do their task.

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Forklift Training Seattle
With such a great variety of possibilities for certification, you are sure to find one that meets your requirements. Whether you are looking for somebody to come instruct at your workplace or would prefer to train at our facility, we can accommodate all your needs. Every course can be tailored to your equipment and workplace.

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